Water Tank Cleaning

Service Overview

The Water Tank Cleaning services seeks to eliminate all presence of algae, fungi, bacteria and certain viruses that contaminate drinking water and transmit diseases to humans through ingestion or use. We know how vital pure and healthy water is for health.

We are a Professional Services Company for cleaning and disinfecting drinking water tanks, pest control and uncovering. We use the best equipment and products in the cleaning and disinfection of your drinking water tanks. We are able to efficiently remove the sludge; organic matter and other contaminants from your water holding tank(s) and if required complete a sanitization treatment of the remaining stored water and system. We make sure that your water tanks remain in a germ-free and hygienic condition all year long.

Our techniques are designed to solve various problems present in water such as sediments, sands, tartar, chlorine, bacteria, etc., counting with all the necessary elements for an immediate resolution.

We take care of the cleaning and disinfection of drinking water tanks in industries, private homes, Apartments, geriatrics, clinics, educational institutions, banks, etc. We provide comprehensive and highly valued solutions for water tank cleaning.



Disinfection of water relates to the removal and deactivation of microorganisms that contaminate the water.Disinfectants involves chemical or physical agents like chlorine, halogens,hydrogen peroxide or other acids or bases.

Disinfectants not only clean the water from bacteria but also leave a residual effect for prevention of contamination.


A 1000 litre tank gets cleaned in 30 minutes. A 5000 litre tank takes an Hour approx. The time taken is dependent on the state of the tank being cleaned. In case the tank is very dirty and has not been cleaned for a very long time then the water wasted and the time taken could be more A normal 1000 L tank gets cleaned in about 30 minutes or more depending on the contamination and the condition of the tank. A 5000L tank may take up to and hour, also dependent on the conditions of the water.


There are many factors that determine the silt and residue deposits. If the pipes are old and worn out , the water flow that Carrie the residue deposits into the cracks and corroded crevices in the pipes which overtime is carried into the tank .

Water source also affects the residue in the tanks, water from a bore will have residue carried through and if the lid of the tanks are not shut totally, outside debris could get into the tanks


A normal time frame to clean your tanks is once in six months and a professional tank cleaning should be done once a year.

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